Construction within Chronicles of Elyria, whether it be for player housing or commercial use offers quite an involving process - Not in a bad way, but more in the sense that the architecture and building aspects will be like no other MMO, with a vast amount of customisation to create virtually any size or shape of building the player requires.

Player-built structures (and every other structure for that matter) within Elyria are not instanced, so when building a new home, shop, tavern or professional building, it'll actually take up space within the game world, within the land, and be visible to everyone around it.

How To Build A Certain Structure

You can build virtually any structure within Chronicles of Elyria as long as you have a Blueprint for it. Buildings can be created for Commercial, Residential or Military use.

You should also know that it's the furniture/items placed inside a building which will dictate the use of that particular structure.
e.g If you place an Anvil and a Forge inside a publicly open building, it'll be classed as a Blacksmith. Likewise for individual rooms, if you wish to make a bedroom then simply add a bed!

A blacksmith shop with public forge.


Blueprints are made by Architects using the Architect Skill and the in-game Architecture Tool. A Blueprint (a plan of the structure) is required before you place and build the structure in question.

It's ideal to learn Architecture yourself or find a friend who is looking to take it as their main Profession, as the skill level of the Architect will determine how advanced a building can be, including the total amount of walls and floors the building can cater for.

Blueprints will be physical items within the game and similar to Contracts whereby they are printed onto Parchment, can be sold or traded. This means that an Architect could be your virtual job within Elyria, and as everyone is sure to want to build their own home, will be high in demand.

Designing a house using the architecture tool.

Construction Guide

When constructing a building in Chronicles of Elyria, you'll need to ensure that:

  1. You own a parcel of land on which to build on.
  2. You have the desired Blueprint for your structure design.
  3. You have access to gather the required materials yourself, can pay someone else to gather the materials or can purchase the materials outright.

You don't have to have all of the required resources in one go, and in fact, the Construction system is designed to get multiple players involved in order to get a building built together as a joint venture.

But depending on your own Skills, you may need a Lumberman for the wood, a Stonemason for stone, a Glass Blower for the windows and so forth. You could indeed gather and make all of these resources yourself (skill dependent), but it would take a lot longer than getting your in-game friends to help you out.

As you add more required resources to your build, you'll see more parts of the structure being built. When adding resources to the build, you'll have some choice about what materials to use, but will be informed about the best materials for the job - although you can use different resources if you wish.

For a stronger, more durable wooden building for example, using hardwood such as Oak or Teak would offer more durability in the long run, but may take twice or long or twice the cost to source. However, if you used a softwood such as Pine, then your build may not be as sturdy as it could be, but cost a lot less and be built within a much quicker timeframe.

Inside the home of an Elyrian.