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Welcome to the Chronicles of Elyria database, powered by Elyrian Life. Dedicated to providing information about Chronicles of Elyria MMORPG game. Browse by category or search for a specific item, skill, profession or location using the search box. Please Note: Our database is still under construction and being curated, so some information may be missing.…
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Kingdom of Aranor

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Angelica (NA-W) Leaders: Queen Ieana Speciality: Unknown Description: Greetings traveler! Welcome to the Kingdom of Aranor. May your visit be pleasant, your business profitable, and your returns often. If you are looking to join our great kingdom you may you find a shield that protects you from your foes, a sword to smite…
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From hand-to-hand, sword fighting and jousting to siege combat with trebuchets, Chronicles of Elyria has a lot of exciting combat methods for your character to acquire and defeat your foes with. Jousting Coming Soon