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A Soul makes up your character’s past experiences, memories, skills and previous life. Transferable between character to character as and when your original character dies and you decide to start a fresh, or rebirth as an heir. When creating your first Character, you’ll need to match it up with a Soul during the Character Selection…
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Night time view, full of stars.

2nd Annual Kickstarter-Versary Starts Soon

It’s been almost two years since Chronicles of Elyria first appeared on KickStarter, and if you’re like us, you’re wondering where the last 24 months have gone as it seems only a few months ago when COE hit the headlines for their fundraising campaign. So much has happened within the last two years and as…
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Prelyria (formerly known as VoxElyria) is a low-poly version of the Chronicles of Elyria game which is used to for the game’s development team and alpha/beta backers the chance to start testing out the mechanics, features, AI and story engine that will be available in Elyria’s full release. Hosted on the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), the idea…
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Character Creation

Character Creation in Chronicles of Elyria is unequal to other MMO games due to the fact that not only are you naming your player and choosing the way they look, but you’re also choosing their soul, history, what part of the world (or continent) they’ll start out at and what basic skills your character knows. During…
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Your character within Chronicles of Elyria can be highly customised and lets you live out your life within Elyria any way you desire. View our guides on Characters and making the most of their life. Creation Reputation & Fame Family Children Souls Aging Death Marriage Heirs Identity