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The Rowboat is a small boat within Chronicles of Elyria which can be used as a mode of transport on rivers and along the coastline. Rowboats can also be used for fishing as it allows the fisherman access to deeper waters. Overview Player Capacity: Unknown Cargo Capacity:  Unknown Movement: Oar, Sail Water Access: Lakes – Yes…
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Browse the known Boats available to build or purchase within Chronicles of Elyria… Rowboat Coastal Cutter About Boats in Chronicles of Elyria Just like on Earth, Elyria is rife with rivers, lakes and surrounding sea’s, so travelling around the world won’t all be on foot. However, unlike other MMO’s, Chronicles of Elyria doesn’t use the…
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Transportation in Chronicles of Elyria isn’t just for getting around the world in a faster way, but also for transporting physical goods across the land, to transport players and/or goods across seas to different continents via boats, or for military purposes such as war machines. Learn all about mounts and vehicles in Chronicles of Elyria here. Mounts…
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