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Elyria Celestial Events

Chronicles of Elyria Events Calendar

Even though the game hasn’t been released yet, not even publicly in Alpha or Beta stages, and the Souldbound Studios team are hard at work creating the world of Elyria for us to enjoy, the team are still eager to keep us excited, social and involved while we wait patiently for the time when we…
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Media Highlights from September Featured Image

Media Highlights from September

Happy October All! It’s officially Autumn and we have plenty of exciting things to look forward to over the coming months with Halloween, Thanks Giving and Christmas (country/religion dependent, but those are what I could think of off the top of my head), and of course… hopefully some cool new updates from the Soulbound team! During…
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The Waerd

One of the most socially unique of Elyria’s tribes, the Waerd are a communal society who forsake personal ambition for the good of their settlement. Their leaders act as the interpreters of the Two-Fold Queen will, using their people as skilled assassins to bring balance to the world. Noteworthy Info The Waerd believe in order…
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Making their home in Elyria’s harsh wetlands, the To’resk are a calculating people who live by the mantra “Observe, Understand, Act” and are considered apt negotiators and diplomats throughout Elyria. Noteworthy Info The To’resk are the only followers of the Qindred faith on the starting continent. They believe their tribe is descended from the Qin…
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The Neran are the most diverse of the numerous tribe in Chronicles of Elyria, predominantly found on the grasslands of the world, but capable of surviving quite well in all but the most extreme of the world’s biomes. Noteworthy Info The Virtorian Church – A dominant institution in Neran society, the church pushes for conformity…
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