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Elyria Store Items March April

Festival of Renewal Store Promo Now Live

It’s that time of the year… the Flower Festival has begun in Elyria and with it a whole heap of awesome goodies have arrived in the promotion store. From yesterday, 22nd March 2019 through to Thursday 4th April, you’ll be able to purchase the below items in the Chronicles of Elyria store. Pilgrimage Survival KitA…
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Production Update: January 2018

Yesterday (26th January 2018), Vye released a very exciting production update for us named “Sense of Identity”. Within this update, she mentions updates regarding character customisation, object interaction, VOXElyria, languages and more! If you’ve not got the time to read the full thing, he’s our summarised version below…. Character Customisation Right from the get-go when…
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Pre Alpha Trial of the Tested

Chronicles of Elyria Alpha 1 Begins

Alas! Great news adventurers… Soulbound Studios, the team behind Chronicles of Elyria have released some fantastic news, that testing has officially started for alpha 1 backers! The first alpha 1 testing phase will be “trial of the tested”, a procedurally generated dungeon obstacle course where the player has to navigate themselves to the end goal…
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Domain selection map for Selene

Domain & Settlement Selection Now Live

It’s finally here… it’s what many of us have been preparing for a long time. That’s right – domain and settlement selection is now live! What Is Domain & Settlement Selection? Domain and settlement selection means that those who have purchased or pledged/backed Chronicles of Elyria with a Mayor, Count, Duchy or Kingdom title will…
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