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Media Highlights from September Featured Image

Media Highlights from September

Happy October All! It’s officially Autumn and we have plenty of exciting things to look forward to over the coming months with Halloween, Thanks Giving and Christmas (country/religion dependent, but those are what I could think of off the top of my head), and of course… hopefully some cool new updates from the Soulbound team! During…
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New horse pirate tribe confirmed.

Media Highlights from July

A new month begins and the previous ends, and with it comes a whole new bunch of awesome media from the Chronicles of Elyria dev team. In this month’s highlights, we’ve got some screenshots of male and female characters exploring the world, a glimpse of how nighttime within the world will look, male and female…
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Chronicles of Elyria Release Date Schedule

Chronicles of Elyria was first brought to the public’s attention back in July 2015, when Soulbound Studios released details about their epic tale on Just over a month later, CoE had 2,000 registered members on their own website and two months following that, racked up 5,000 registered members. Fast forward to the present day,…
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The Waerd

One of the most socially unique of Elyria’s tribes, the Waerd are a communal society who forsake personal ambition for the good of their settlement. Their leaders act as the interpreters of the Two-Fold Queen will, using their people as skilled assassins to bring balance to the world. Noteworthy Info The Waerd believe in order…
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Making their home in Elyria’s harsh wetlands, the To’resk are a calculating people who live by the mantra “Observe, Understand, Act” and are considered apt negotiators and diplomats throughout Elyria. Noteworthy Info The To’resk are the only followers of the Qindred faith on the starting continent. They believe their tribe is descended from the Qin…
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