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A marketplace to stock up on food and wares.

Limited Time Farming Items Now Available

Exciting news travels from Elyria! From the 12th March until 30th March 2018, Soulbound Studios has released a set of limited time Farming and Agriculture related add-on items within their merchandise store. These add-on items include: A Farm – Complete with 1 parcel of land, barn, ox and wagon and 2 giftable Elyrian pledge packages…
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A sickle used for farming.


A sickle with a wooden handle, used in farming for the cultivating of mature crops such as wheat.

Could also possibly be used as a weapon if the need arises.

A farming hoe.


A hoe with a wooden handle, used in farming to till the soil ready for planting seeds.

Elyria Celestial Events

Chronicles of Elyria Events Calendar

Even though the game hasn’t been released yet, not even publicly in Alpha or Beta stages, and the Souldbound Studios team are hard at work creating the world of Elyria for us to enjoy, the team are still eager to keep us excited, social and involved while we wait patiently for the time when we…
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