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Kingdom of AL-Khezam

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene (EU) Leaders: King Banu’Usifan Speciality: Unknown Description: Al’Khezam welcomes all who wish to join it, irrespective of beliefs, ethnicity or social standing. Our aim is to build a healthy and prosperous kingdom, where schools of thought and science create new wonders for Elyria, where crops flourish, trade is never-ending, wine flows and…
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Paddy Wagon

The Paddy Wagon in Chronicles of Elyria is a medium-sized vehicle which can be pulled by medium-sized mounts or animals, such as a Mule or a Horse. Within Elyria, it is said to be able to transport living things. Although, in real life, Paddy Wagon’s were used to transfer prisoners and slaves. Although not yet…
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Choosing Your Server and Kingdom

Chronicles of Elyria may not be coming out as a full release game for a good while yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pre-choose which server and Kingdom you’d like to play on when the day finally arrives for us to give up our day jobs and get sucked into the world of…
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About Chronicles of Elyria

Chronicles of Elyria is an MMORPG, currently being developed by a talented team known as Soulbound Studios. The main way to describe this unique and upcoming game, is that it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before when it comes to open world online games. It’s an MMO, with RPG and Survival traits, that’s based within…
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