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Exposition Points

Exposition Points is a type of currency which is available to buy within your Chronicles of Elyria account up until Exposition Access begins. Exposition Points can only be purchased by those who have a Pledge Package of Bloodline or higher. Until your associated account has a paid in full pledge of this level or higher,…
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Night time view, full of stars.

2nd Annual Kickstarter-Versary Starts Soon

It’s been almost two years since Chronicles of Elyria first appeared on KickStarter, and if you’re like us, you’re wondering where the last 24 months have gone as it seems only a few months ago when COE hit the headlines for their fundraising campaign. So much has happened within the last two years and as…
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Identity In Chronicles of Elyria represents your character’s name, heritage, association, fame and reputation. Although, within Elyria, the mechanic’s for a player’s Identity and the people around them is much like in real life. When first passing by a player within the virtual world, you will not be able to see their name, profession or…
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