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Kingdom of AL-Khezam

Type: Kingdom ♛ Population: Unknown Server: Selene (EU) Leaders: King Banu’Usifan Speciality: Unknown Description: Al’Khezam welcomes all who wish to join it, irrespective of beliefs, ethnicity or social standing. Our aim is to build a healthy and prosperous kingdom, where schools of thought and science create new wonders for Elyria, where crops flourish, trade is never-ending, wine flows and…
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Selene is a Chronicles of Elyria server world covering the European (EU) player population and currently has six Kingdoms residing within its domain. Location: Europe Population Capacity: Up to 100,000 (NPC and PC combined) Forums: Visit the Selene Forums The below is a list of Kingdoms within the Selene server. Kingdom of Nirath Ruler: King Dragor Kingdom…
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