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Welcome to Elyrian Life, Adventurer! Empower your journey as an Elyrian as we guide you through the Chronicles of Elyria MMORPG.
Learn about the wondrous and dangerous possibilities that await you in the game, or kick off those iron boots and relax in our forum.

What Is Elyrian Life?

Elyrian Life is a fan-made fan site for the upcoming dynamic MMORPG game Chronicles of Elyria, due to be released as a full MMORPG game for the PC around 2020-2021.

We're here to offer news, guides, updates, wiki-style information within our database and a broad variety of unofficial forums for you to have your say in.

Whether you're looking for details on the latest COE news, developer journals or specific information about a certain game mechanic, profession, in-game item or feature, then simply browse our blog, database and chronicles of Elyria forums to find the information you're after.

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What Is Chronicles of Elyria (COE)?

Good question, we're glad you asked!'s only the most dynamic, advanced and open world MMORPG we've ever seen! It’s an MMO, with RPG and survival traits, that’s based within an enormous virtual world bursting with life, action, people, commerce and adventuring. Offering a truly immersive, destructible, alive and changeable world.

We can't fit all the details here, so if you're new to COE and looking for more details about the game, you're better offer starting at our guide: about chronicles of Elyria.